Media blasting in house

We are officially blasting car in house, with our new dustless blaster.

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Store is open

Just opened up a new web store with items made by boot2bonnet.  Nothing you see in my store is made in another country, shipped in, and I put my name on it. Everying is made in house, by me right here in the USA.  Soon to come, Alloy radiator shrouds (to match your fancy radiator), and Cooper S lower radiator brackets.

Rotisserie Day

Spent the day getting the body ready for blasting. I started by fitting the cage in the car only to find out the front half was not designed for a mini. After that I fitted the body to the rotisserie and finished stripping it for blasting. After the body was tilted up some rust was found but nothing that can’t be fixed after blasting.

Sound damping removal


I spent the morning removing the sound damping from the floor of the car. Dry Ice causes the rubber to become brittle and with a few swings of a hammer pops free, fallowed by a scraper to pull it away. 

Engine lifting bracket

A good friend of mine gave me some drawings for a A-series engine lift so i figured I would make one and see how it works.