Finished and off

The never ending MK1 reconstruction is done painted and off to the owner for reassembly.   The paint scheme is thinking out of the box and has grown on me as I finished the car. The stripes and door circles are buried under 5 total coats of clear to give a seamless finish.


The car is almost ready to be put up on the rotisserie and have the floors finished up and undercoated. Both doors has been reskinned as the one that came on the car were installed incorrectly and did not line up with the body lines or have even gaps the front panel has had two new struts fabricated and installed so the factory center strut could be removed for header clearance.

The doors are now re installed and being blocked out with the body work for a seamless finish.

Two quarters done and not halfway there.

The second quarter panel and wheel tub have been installed and metal finished. Just need to finish removing the shock bracket for the coilover. The rear vertical seam was hammered and dolly-ed over to place the butt joint in fresh metal rather than in the old thin welded seam.

One quarter panel on one to go

One quarter panel had been installed and metal finished. More hammer and dolly work is still required on the rear seam to smooth things out. The RH quarter panel and wheel tub has been removed and is now being prepped for the new. While the quarter is removed I installed the mounting brackets for the RH tank and modifed the tank to fit around the roll bar. The gas tank had a relief pounded in with a nylon metal shaping mallet to clear the roll cage mount.

Quarter panel replacement

The owner decided that he would rather run without flairs. This meant that both rear quarters will need replaced along with the wheel tubs to return to a stock appearance.  Having a cage welded into the car is a double edged sword, it is in the way and you bang your head on it while working, but nothing needs to be braced as it is all welded into one structure.

Front end spotwelded

The front end of the car is completely spotweled in place as the factory did. Both door steps are welded in along with the A-Panels. The A-panels and door steps were butt welded in place rather than the typical lapping over in the door jamb, this gives a seamless appearance as the factory work.

A new project

This car has been waiting in the wings for it day under the knife. It has had quite a few body modifications, repairs, and patching. As this is a custom build the customer taped over the holes that needed to be welded up (green tape in photos). The goal is for a clean vintage style mini, with a dash of early 60’s coachwork.  As of now the car is receiving a new front end and lower doorsteps/ quarter panels to bring back body lines and fix damage/ repairs.