Mini Pickup reconstruction

This project was a literally a rebuild from the ground up. Not a single panel went untouched even the roof. The lower half of the body had rust repaired previously, but it appeared to have been done after the pickup was in an accident, thus making the twist/ damage to the body permanent. Because of the poor repairs the entire lower section was built from new panels and what was left of the cab was set on top The single hardest part of the bodyshell restoration was filling in the sunroof hole. The sunroof had caused a flat spot in the center of the hole and had to be corrected along with filling the hole. Took 2+ days to weld up and metalwork the roof back to the correct shape.

Vtec Build

Just finished a B16 swap for a customer. Engine and subframe were completely mocked up then removed for final cleaning and paint. Engine is a stock B16 running a factory ECU, Quaife LSD, 3.42 final drive, Fully welded/modified intake, and A/C to go with it all.


Finished PPE

Here is the finished PPE going back to 7ent for assembly. The last few pictures are of the completed car at the Carmel By The Sea Concourse, and at the Monterey reunion race.

Metal work done, time to start sanding

The metal work is finally done, the doors have new skins installed and painted, yes painted. The reason the interior of the door was painted before installing the door skins, is the car will have no door panels being a race car. Taking time now to pre-paint areas that would be difficult later ensure the best quality in hard to reach areas (inside the doors). The door gaps also need quite a bit of adjusting to even thing out and ensure an even gap around the doors. Now to use some filler to fine tune the body and prep for primer.

Boot floor in

The boot floor is in and plug welded into place. Just need to install the OE tank mounts and rear valence. and the body is ready for block sanding and primer.