Wax and polish

I went by and did a wax and polish on the car as the customer has almost finished the assembly. I must admit the customer did a great job on the reassembly and the restoration of all the parts. Here are a few pictures of the almost complete car.

Quarter panel replacement

The owner decided that he would rather run without flairs. This meant that both rear quarters will need replaced along with the wheel tubs to return to a stock appearance.  Having a cage welded into the car is a double edged sword, it is in the way and you bang your head on it while working, but nothing needs to be braced as it is all welded into one structure.

Front end spotwelded

The front end of the car is completely spotweled in place as the factory did. Both door steps are welded in along with the A-Panels. The A-panels and door steps were butt welded in place rather than the typical lapping over in the door jamb, this gives a seamless appearance as the factory work.