The polishing stage

In the restoration industry everything that is painted is polished. If it is a show car then it is cut and polished. The “cut” refer to wet sanding the surface down top remove the orange peal for a glass smooth finish. Here are some of the parts and the body after the final cut and polish.

Another Black Roof

Roof was scuffed and painted black. Black has to be one of my favorite colors to paint as it show that you did the prepwork right, it will also show if you skipped a step or got lazy at any point. After final polish it will be a mirror finish as all black roofs should be. You will notice that the rear number plate was also painted gloss black to match the roof perfectly.

Final color on the body.

After final sanding the body, it was wiped down to check the reflection lines. Then came the final masking for paint. The final masking off was done once the car was in the paint booth.  After spraying the red the roof will be sanded down and the black roof sprayed. Notice how the factory numbers come out nice and clear because they were masked off during priming and only received the final coats of paint. The final color is much darker than the pictures as the reflections in the booth make it appear orange.

Interior paint

Interior has been sanded and painted, the cross-member had to many defects and needed to be redone. The cross-member was masked off, prepped, re-masked and repainted for a flawless finish. Interiors are tough to paint as no matter how clean you get them debris comes out of all the cavities and gets in the paint, you just have to repair what is unacceptable.


The underside of the car has been undercoated and painted. You will notice in the first picture that the brackets/ mounts on the underside were not undercoated, just received the final coats of color. The masking on the final pictures is to prevent over spray when the interior is painted.