Front panel Modifications, back to stock

The front panel while being heritage is almost correct , but not correct enough for me. As you can see I spent the better part of a half of a day. Cutting out and making plates to replicate the original front end.  The  front licence plate brackets were removed and replaced with the correct ones.  The front panel has been spotwelded to the wings and is ready for final installation.


Panel installation

The tough part of installing the crossmember is pulling the floor up tight, my solution was to build a jig to clamp everything in place for final spot welding. Notice the two different colors of primer, this is weld through primer that is used in all panel seams to prevent rust from weeping out later. After the cross member was installed, the new jacking points are were fitted and installed followed by installation of the sills.  The new rear valence has been installed and along with the battery box.

Inner fender welded

The inner fender have been seam welded on. The inner sills are slowly getting there replacement sheet metal installed and ready for cross member installation. Also spent some time welding up extra holes in the fire wall that are not necessary.

Inner fenders are in

Both inner fender are tacked into place, just waiting on one small bonnet prop bracket to install before I can seam weld the inner fender and spot weld the front end on. Going to go ahead and put the body back on the rotisserie and start working on the rockers while I wait. Also notice the FE numbers were removed from the original front end, cleaned and spot welded in.