Body epoxy primer and metal being fitted

The body has been epoxy primed and the metal work has begun. Started by fitting the front panels and bonnet and then started cutting and replacing the inner fender. You will notice I cut back the inner fender to allow the seam for the replacement to be hidden and only show in the fender well.

Back from the blaster

Picked up the body shell and panels from the blaster. Over all the body is in good shape needing on minor fixes. The worst panel is the Boot lid as it is filled with holes from being pulled out.  Both quarter panels have holes from previous body damage along with on of the door skin and matching a-panel.  Now to epoxy prime to prevent rust and begin replacing metal and pulling out dents.

New Project

Started working on a new project. Genuine MK1 Cooper, as first glance you may ask why is it going under the knife, but the car has at least 3 septate paint jobs,  Leftover front fender under the new ones. Beat up inner fender, rust in both sills and a mangled rear valence. Here are some shots of it going under the knife getting ready to go off to the blaster.

A New product

Spent some time Making US spec licence plate brackets, that are now available at 7ent. The brackets were cut on the CNC fallowed by hammer forming them around a metal buck. Spotwelding in mounting studs and finally spotwelding the upper reinforcement. The design could have been simplified but I wanted them to be indistinguishable from an original.  Below are some pictures of a NOS (new old stock) one and my reproduction.

If you would like to order one