Metal work and fitment done

The front clip has been spot welded together as the factory did.  The fender are pinned to the A-panels so they will stay aligned. The entire front clip is removable with just 2 pins, 2 dzus fasteners and 2 screws to hold the fender flairs.  The bonnet operates as normal and is on quick release hinges to be removed as well.  Now time to do body work on the windshield frame before final paint.

Another front clip

Started on a front clip replacement. This one is going to be a two piece with the bonnet opening as normal with quick release hinges. The fender and valence will be separate and removable as well.  The new front end panels are after market and fit like poo but will be fine for a race car. The customer had the wrong bonnet so i swapped him for one of my bonnets and fits great.  You can see on the pictures that the frame has been cleaned up and the front valence has been trimmed to fit around the exhaust. The origional front was cut to fit the tires and radiator.  New spacers for the radiator fixed the radiator rubbing and the tires are now the correct size.

Ready for pickup

The front end and A-panel have been wet sanded with 400 and painted with a color matched green.  Finished reassembling the front end trim and gave the paint a light buff to finish the blend on the existing fender.

Primed and ready for wet sanding

Finished up a little welding on the front clip, and added reinforcements to the wheel arches. On a non removable front end there is a strap between the A-panel and fender in the wheel arch to keep from flexing, I just replicated this between the fender and front panel.

Just a little bump

This race car got a little bump at a CSRG charity event. I have already pulled off the bent up front panel and fender and replaced them with Heritage body panels. Rather than stitch welding them as it was previously done I spot welded the as the factory did for greater strength.  The current A-panel was saved and fixed with a hammer and dolly and a skim of filler to a perfect repair. Now to spot prime and repaint.