Off for assembly.

The body is color sanded and polished and assembled and ready to back to Seven ( for assembly.  The doors, boot and bonnet will be assembled after the car has been partially assembled, preventing damage to the panels.  If you are wondering what the color sanding and polishing did, it removed the texture from the paints reflection giving a mirror finish.

Body in color

The body is in color and ready for final color sanding and polishing.  Also spent some time polishing the stainless hardware to assemble the body I also polished the stainless rivets that are used in the DZUS tabs that hold the boot/bonnet on.

The small part or is it small parts

Some times it the small parts that make a big difference. After a tedious amount of priming, sanding painting and polishing, the rest of the roll cage is painted and the small parts are also painted. Some people do not worry about painting things like the door hinges or door catches but I feel having them painted shows quality when the car is complete. I have also spent time fixing a blemish in the roof preparing the body for final color and overall clear coat.