Boot and Bonnet fitted

Took some time but the bonnet is fitted and dzus fasteners installed. The boot if almost there, bolted on and fastened just waiting for a different seal to finish the fitting and get the gaps sanded to perfection. The doors have been installed back on the body and body work has begun. While the filler on the side may seem excessive in most area it is less the a sixteenth thick, and just there to smooth out the factory stampings.

Final metal work

The owner is going with a center exit exhaust, so the original cut out had to go.  Also began fitting the boot lid and installing the Dzus fasteners. The owner wanted to still use the stock lower hinges so reinforcements went in behind the hinges to prevent cracking later on. Just need to finish gapping the boot lid and adjusting the seal for a perfect fit.

Parts Pickup

Went up to 7 ent and picked up the modified roll bar. It has an added seatbelt bar welded in by a local race shop. Also pickup up some door skins for a personal project. Now back to working on the body.

Back to metal work

Just finished patching the floor and installing the new sills. Used a Spot welder to reattach the outer seam just as the factory did and plug welded the inner mounting point. After all the welding just a light grind and it is ready for spot priming. While the sills we removed the seams were treated with weld through primer to prevent future rust