Primer and grinding

Finished up chasing small dings and dents and sprayed another coat of primer for a final block sanding. Also got the body back up on the rotisserie and began grinding the backside of the welding that I did to the floor. Also will be installing the shifter mount and seatbelt reinforcements.  Slowly getting ready for paint.

Sanding anyone?

More sanding still, but will be spraying more primer tomorrow and begin the blocking process again.

Block Sanding

Not much to show as it is just sanding the filler/primer down to get a perfectly straight body ready for more primer and a final wet sanding and paint. The doors have been set and are blocked with the quarter panel and A-panel so that the body will have a reflection line that goes straight down the body and does not jump around from panel to panel. This also allows me to body work the doors gaps for that perfect fit, ensuring that the body does not rub when painted.

Primer and door gaps

Been working on the door gaps and body panel fitments before beginning the body work. Both doors were fitted with the seals installed. Some may wonder why you would worry about the door seals, but they press back on the door changing how things fit. Also spent some time fixing two front panels for a race car, and body working Atushi’s gas tank and hood.

Attention to every step and every detail

Spent the last two days cleaning the body’s and priming. Each body was first vacuumed clean to remove the media from blasting. Followed by blowing out the body with an air gun and vacuuming again. This continued until nothing came out, and the body’s were clean, all while wearing gloves to not introduce oil from skin to the bare metal.  Then time to put up the paint booth and continue the cleaning, they were wiped down with wax and grease remover to remove any surface contaminants that may have made it on the surface  and finally a tack cloth to ensure a clean surface. All this for primer, but a perfect paint job requires attention to every step and every detail. Next to fit the body’s back together and and start the metal work.

Second Shell Blasted

Got the second shell blasted and cleaned. Some rust was found but it will be and easy fix. The car needs new sills and the floor patched.  Going to start epoxy priming today. 

Blasting Day

Not the most glamorous part of the job but it is one of the many things I do that ensure a quality job.  The body has been stripped to bare metal inside and out to find out what repairs have been done and the quality of the repairs. The front fender has been pulled out and metal worked well but they did not weld up the holes when they were done, also the entire roof was replaced. The Boot floor will need some with along with some other rust repair.

This is the before pictures.

Vtec Work

Helped work on the vtec today. Installed the coil over mounts I made, that solved the alignment/ rubbing issue. Also installed the hood shock and heat shield. The car is almost done just a few last tweaks.