Vtec parts

Spent the day building/gathering parts for Carl’s Vtec. I finished and painted the upper coil over mounts, to replace the Minitec ones. The originals rubbed on the coil spring and deformed from the weight of the car, so new ones were a must. Also made a strut to hold the hood open, as with the inner fender removed there is no place for a prop rod. The last thing I made was a heat shield to push more cool fresh air through the radiator. Will snap more pictures when I install them Monday.

Rotisserie Day

Spent the day getting the body ready for blasting. I started by fitting the cage in the car only to find out the front half was not designed for a mini. After that I fitted the body to the rotisserie and finished stripping it for blasting. After the body was tilted up some rust was found but nothing that can’t be fixed after blasting.

New tunnel

The tunnel in the car had been cut up for a 1100 remote shifter.  The owner is going back with a mini shifter so the hole needed to be fixed.  As the hole in the floor was to big, I started by filling it in completely so it is ready to have a proper hole cut.

More welding and more cutting

Got the holes in the bonnet and front panel welded up from the previous bonnet strap. The window frames on the doors were cut and rewelded to match the profile of the body as well as compress the door seal to keep the doors from leaking. Also by adjusting the window frames the added pressure on the upper edge pushes the lower edge of the door in for a flush fit.

Welding Up

The holes in the body have been welded up, Filled in the side marker light holes. old fender flair holes, and extra holes in the front panel.

Sound damping removal


I spent the morning removing the sound damping from the floor of the car. Dry Ice causes the rubber to become brittle and with a few swings of a hammer pops free, fallowed by a scraper to pull it away. 

Wrecked Clubman

This 1972 Clubman Estate was rolled, while riding in an enclosed trailer. Damage to the vehicle included a crushed roof and right hand side, a twisted body, and collapsed gutter.  To this cars credit, it has little rust, is completely original, and came from the factory with hand controls.  

Engine lifting bracket

A good friend of mine gave me some drawings for a A-series engine lift so i figured I would make one and see how it works.

Starting point

Pictures of how I received the car.